Apus – What’s in a name

Our Logo represents our Investment Philosophy

Apus Apus is the Latin name for the common swift (German: Mauersegler). This little bird stays in the air for months or years (even at night) when it is not breeding, never touching the ground.


Therefore the common swift symbolizes our long-term approach and our ability to weather stormy patches as investors.

Furthermore Apus is also the name of the constellation “Bird of Paradise“, a sign which can only be seen in the southern hemisphere. It’s a rather inconspicuous constellation, which is difficult to watch. The low light intensity of the constellation is a result of  its huge distance of its stars to our solar system (160 to 400 light years). These stars are, however, 50 to 100 times brighter than our sun.


Therefore the constellation Apus represents our aspiration to realize the real value of a company ealier than the majority of investors. Sometimes, there is more in a stock than meets the eye.