Apus Capital ReValue Fund

Fund Category Equities International
Currency Euro
Dividends Income-distributing
Fiscal year 01 August
Identifier WKN: A1H44E
Benchmark None
Domicile Germany
Fund launch

19 October 2011

Management Fee 1.8 %
Sales Charge max. 5%


The Apus Capital ReValue Fund contains 40 to 60 stocks out of a universe of around 250-300 listed companies.  Our industry focuses are technology, media, telecommunications, industry and Life Science. We mainly invest in Small- or Mid-Caps but partly also in Blue-Chips. Our regional focus is Europe. The Apus Capital ReValue Fund is an equity fund but can also invest in other asset classes or have a high liquidity ratio temporarily. 

The minimum investment of the mutual fund is 50€. It is traded at the stock market in Hamburg, Hanover and Munich as well as at Tradegate.

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